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The Bering Strait Crossing is Published by

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Diomede Islands at the Bering Strait: looking south to the Pacific (July).     

The Bering Strait

The Bering Strait Crossing

A 21st century frontier between East and West
James A. Oliver
Author of A Footprint in the Sand


The epic story of how the "End of the World" was discovered.
- at the East-West Intercontinental Divide.

The Strait of Anian - the Northwest Passage. . .
By chance and geography, the Bering Strait: among the greatest adventures of all time,
from the Ice Age, the Cold War era, and beyond. . .
In the 21st century, the Beringia corridors have the potential to unite the Continents via East-West and the Oceans via North-South.

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Discovery ChannelJames Oliver talks about the Diomede Islands

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Pliny the Elder (AD 23-79) speculated on the existence of a giant promontorium or Tabin at the end of the world . . . This Chinese World Map -  purportedly copied c.1763 from an original c. 1418 chart  - if authentic, appears to depict a pre-Columbian knowledge of the Intercontinental Divide.Giacomo Gastaldi's 1556 globe shows the vague Asia-North Amercia landmass as interconnected; by 1561, Gastaldi depicts - for the first time - "El Streto de Anian""The Strait of Ania" - the Spanish name for the elusive Northwest Passage - appears on Mercator's map of the Polar Regions (1595)In 1648, Semen Dezhnev - in search of the mythical  "Pogycha River" was the first European to pass through the strait - but his achievement was lost to the archivesThe strait is named for Vitus Bering, a Danish sea captain in the service of Russia, who passed through the strait - and back again - in 1728Captain Cook's Third Voyage (1776-1780) charted the strait, and named the waterway for Bering.The legendary Strait of Anian turned out to be the Intercontinental Divide - created by the extremities of North America (Alaska) and Eurasia (Chukotka Peninsula (this detail from Capt. Cook's map)William Gilpin, for a time Governor of Colorado, proposed - in the spirit of "Manifest Destiny " - a Bering rail crossing as early as 1846.W.H. Seward: as U.S. Secretary of State, he survived an assassin's knife to negotiate with Tsar Nicholas II of Russia for the US7.2 million purchase of Alaska. The deal was known as "Seward's Folly" - that is, until gold was struck in Nome (c.1898).E. H. Harriman visited the Bering Strait region during his steamship Expedition of 1899In 1902, Harry de Windt (a British explorer) crossed the strait to demonstrate the feasibilty a London-New York rail routeIn 1903-06, Roald Amundsen was the first explorer to traverse the Northwest Passage in the sailing vessel Gjoa, which emerged at the Bering Strait in 1906.Baron Loicq de Lobel, of the French Geographical Society, promoted the concept of a Bering rail-tunnel crossing during the decade 1896-1906In the 21st century, the Beringia corridors have the potential to unite the Continents via East-West and the Oceans via North-South.


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